Earl Nightingale on Success

Earl Nightingale on success-" those who succeed have established personal goals.
Success is not the result of making money; making money is the result of success and success is in direct proportion to our service.
Here are five steps that will help you realize success:
  1. Establish a definite goal.
  2. Stop running yourself down.
  3. Do not think of all the reasons why you cannot be successful -- instead think of all the reasons why you can achieve success.
  4. Trace your emotions back to childhood -- discover where you first got the negative idea you would not be successful -- face your fears.
  5. Renew your self-image by writing a description of the person you want to become -- Act the part -- You are that person!"


"The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science" by Thomas Troward

I have been reading and practicing the Laws of Mental Science. The work that I am reading currently is Thomas Troward's "The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science".This work was printed in the early 1900's and it has a race superiority over tone which I had to look over unless I would have been distracted and missed the wealth of knowledge which was shared on the pages of this book.

Without going into great detail of every point and principle shared in the book, I would like to take the time and mention one important point which stood out for me in particular and that is, "The Spirit will reveal itself to the individual to the exact degree that the Individual conceives the Spirit." Please take some time and intake the magnitude of this statement.

I have read other works which have discussed the Laws of Attraction but no other work has ever explained in such a clear and simple manner the reasons why the Laws work. After reading "The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science", I have gained a clearer understanding of "why" the Laws work and as a result I am now ready to confidently put in to practice the "how the laws work"

Until my next entry, Peace and Blessings,
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