Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip: Take a Yoga Class

Meditation and Inner Peace

I went to a yoga class today taught by Juju Poogie The Monk . The class was amazing! I learned how to heal myself through mediation and healing sounds. What I enjoyed the most about the class was that I learned how to channel my energy by releasing anger, depression, fear, anxiety and stress.

JuJu Poogie The Monk Demonstrating a Yoga Exercise

The yoga exercise that I experienced was titled " The Six Healing Sounds". The Monk passed out a handout and I am going to share with you three of the six healing sounds that we practiced so that you can also experience "How to Heal Yourself Through Yoga"

When you are performing these exercises you should redirect the sounds that you will be making back into your body rather than out as in normal speech. You should also make sure to give as much feeling or gutturalness as possible because you want to cause the organ to literally vibrate into it's normal frequency.

Make sure that you have a blanket or a mat because you are going to be performing these exercises while laying on the floor.

Exercise #1: The Lungs and the Large Intestine

  • Lay on your back on the floor and picture The Season of demand: "Autumn, harvesting"
  • Now picture The Element: metal, air or dryness
  • Concentrate on the Body Association: the sides of your upper torso, your thumbs, index fingers, shoulders inner arms, upper thigh and chest
  • Release the Negative Emotions- depression, sadness resentment, overly sensitive
  • Channel in the Positive Emotions- Courage, Loyalty and letting go
  • Sense - feeling
  • Picture the Color- white and pink
  • Take a deep breath in and when you release make the Sound- Sssssss, Tsssss, Psssss

Exercise #2: The Kidneys and The Bladder

  • Lay on your back on the floor and picture the Season of demand- "Winter, storing"
  • Now picture the Element-water, cold
  • Concentrate on the Body Association- the feet, the back, ham-strings, inner thighs, pelvis
  • Release the Negative emotions- fear paranoia, hesitation and holding back
  • Channel the Positive emotions-gentleness, stillness, vitality
  • Sense- hearing
  • Visualize the Color- blue, black
  • Take a deep breath in and when you release make the sound- Chooooo, Wooooo, Oooooo

Exercise #3: The Liver and Gall Bladder

  • Lay on your back on the floor and picture the Season of Demand- Spring, germination
  • Now picture the Element-wood, warm
  • Concentrate on the Body Association-right side of the torso and knee, diaphragm, ribs, tendons, eyes
  • Release the Negative emotions- anger, lust, jealousy, confusion
  • Channel the Positive emotions- kindness, sharing, out going, decisive
  • Sense-sight
  • Picture the Color-Green
  • Take a deep breath in and when you release make the Sound- Shhhhhh

When I was in the Yoga class, it was the teacher who would say things such as "Picture the Element... and Release the negative emotions...."

As a student, I just laid on my blanket and followed the instructions. It was a very relaxing experiment. The room was lit with candles and their was a tape playing. On the tape you could hear the sound of water flowing. Wow! It was so soothing and calming.

Also on some of the exercises I was asked to lay on my left side, my right side, my stomach and my back.

Making the sounds was not that easy. The teacher stated that we should not concentrate on perfection but rather concentrate on making sure that we feel the organ vibrate.

Have You Ever Taken a Yoga Class? If so, please share your experiences.

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