4 Secrets of the Ages by Robert Collier

4 Secrets of the Ages: Tips to Help you Attract What You Want When You Want It

Secret #1 The first thing necessary is a sincere desire, concentrating your thought on one thing with singleness of purpose

Secret #2 The second is visualization- SEEING YOURSELF DOING IT- imagine the object in the same way the Universal Mind imagined all of creation.

Secret #3: Next is faith-BELIEVING that you HAVE this thing that you want.  Seeing yourself in your mind's eye pouring your Vital Force into it, filling your thought molds and making them realities.

Secret #4: The last is gratitude-gratitude for this thing you have received, gratitude for the power that enabled you to create it, gratitude for all the gifts that Mind has laid a your feet in such profusion, gratitude for the illimitable supply of Vital Force, with which you can create anything good.

This is an excerpt from the book "The Secrets of the Ages" by Robert Collier

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