Inner Peace and Joy Tip #98: Go with the wave

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation Tip: The Book of Psalms will uplift your soul. Read Psalms chapters 36-40 for a Spirit Booster!

I am from Wilmington, North Carolina and I was raised a few miles from the ocean. As a child, my family went to the beach often and it is from my experiences at the beach that I learned a valuable tip on how to maintain my Inner Peace. Today's tip is go with the wave.

The Wave
I have two older sisters and growing up, I use to want to tag behind them more than anything in the world. Well, when we went to the beach, I could not tag behind my sisters because they could swim but I could not. My sisters were like fish, they would go out deep in the water about chest high. I would observe them from the shore.

Everyone once in awhile, my sisters would come closer in about waist high and they would invite me to come in with them. I would be very nervous, but they assured me that they would not let me drown; so I did not mind taking the risk. Remember, that I said earlier that I could not swim, so when I was out in the water all I would do is just stand straight up and when a wave would come, I would jump. That is, as long as the wave was not too big and then I would tumble down from the force of the wave.

If more than one wave would come back to back, then it was not uncommon for me to tumble down, get up, and get knocked back down again. So what my sisters taught me to do was instead of jumping up when I saw more than one wave coming, was to dive into the first wave and allow the wave's force to carry me to shore. Once, I was at the shore, then I would get up and go back and try it again.

How is life, similar to riding a Wave
The lesson that I learned on how to maintain my Inner Peace from being knocked down by the force of the waves is that life's challenges are similar to the wave's of the ocean. Here is what I mean, some days you are going to find are going to be good days and on those days you can stand tall because you are not facing any challenges.

I pray that you have more good days than challenging days but the truth is there will be those days that you are going to have challenges. You may even have some days when you find that your challenges are coming back to back and if you do not know how to deal appropriately with those days, you may find yourself getting knocked down by the impact of it's pressure.

So, instead of allowing life's challenges to knock you down, you have to go with the wave. When you go with the wave you admit that there are some things in life that you can not do anything about and you have to learn how to accept that fact instead of worrying yourself sick about it. You also have to understand that there are things that will occur in your life and you will have to wait on time to make the difference.

The most important thing that you are going to need to understand when you are working on maintaining your inner peace is no matter what you are going through you are going to have to maintain a positive attitude and keep your spirits up and this can best be achieved by focusing on your solutions and not allowing yourself to drown in your problems

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