Inner Peace and Joy Tip # 99: Expand Your Mind

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation Tip: The Book of Psalms will uplift your soul. Read Psalms chapters 41-50 for a Spirit Booster!

The Power of Your Mind
The door was first opened to me how powerful the mind is when a friend gave me a book called "Emotional Prisoner" by Jose Villegas III. After I read "Emotional Prisoner", I began to understand that the person who I am today is based on all of the beliefs that I have developed up to this point.

This book gave me hope that I could change my condition if only I changed what I believed. Jose Villegas III stressed that it was the individual's responsibility to change their own situation by improving their self and and expanding their mind through reading.

Read to Improve Your Confidence
The books that gave me the confidence to pursue my vision as a writer and to rid myself of the idea that I was not going to get rich by working as an employee were Asha Tyson's book "How I Retired at 26" and Robert Kiosawki's book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Like Jose Villegas III, Robert Kiosawki is a believer in reading books to improve your self. Throughout his book he generously referred the titles and authors of books that aided him in his development. One such author was Catherine Ponder.

Catherine Ponder caused my development to soar. Her writings instilled in me that prosperity was my right and to be poor was a sin. She taught me the power of commanding your good to appear through affirmations. I started reciting the affirmations that she had in her books "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity" and "The Millionaires of the Bible series" and they worked!

Claim Your Victory Today
I began to see positive changes in my life because I learned to release the ideas that I had developed over time and that were limiting my growth and I replaced those defeating ideas with prosperous ideas. The other authors that aided me in developing a prosperity consciousness were Dr. Joseph Murphy, Florence Scovel Schinn and Michael Losier.

Catherine Ponder taught me about affirmations but it was Dr. Creflo A. Dollar in his book "Claim Your Victory Today" who showed me how to get my own affirmations from the bible by finding God's promises and affirming His promises.

The most influential book on my bookshelf is the Holy Bible. The author who brought everything together for me and helped me to read the Holy Bible on a spiritual level was Wallace Wattles. After I read his book "The Science of Getting Rich" I was able to find God inside of me. I also gained an understanding of how to create wealth for myself and not compete for wealth with others

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