Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip: Eat an Elephant

Goal Setting: How to Eat an Elephant

When I was growing up, I use to get so overwhelmed when I was faced with a project that I feared was too big for me to complete. I remember my teacher asking me "What is the best way to eat an elephant?" I closed my eyes and for the life of me I could not imagine eating an elephant. To a child an elephant appears to be humongous. While my eyes were closed, my teacher softly whispered in my ear "One bite at a time".

From that point forward, I know longer feared having to face the possibility of completing a large assignment because I knew that if I could break the assignment down into smaller parts, the large assignment would seem small enough for me to complete and I would not be overwhelmed.

5 Basic Goal Setting Techniques

When you are overwhelmed by an assignment, there are 5 Steps that you can take to make your assignment more manageable. The steps are: 1) Set a goal 2) Break your goal down into smaller goals 3)Stay focused 4)Go Forward and 5) Reward your accomplishments

#1 Set a Goal
Your goal gives you something to aim for. You should make sure that you write your goal on paper and keep it where you can view it often

#2Break Your Goal Down To Smaller Goals
If you perceive your goal as being too large then you should break your big goal down into smaller goals. For example: If your goal is to lose 30 pounds. You would not try to lose 30 pounds all at once. Instead break the goal down to losing 10 pounds for three months.

#3 Stay Focused
The best way to stay focused is to set an allotted time to work on your goals as well as an allotted place. Your place should be free from distractions and noise.

#4 Go Forward
If you do not meet your mark at the time you had specified you should not give up. Instead you should start right where you are and go forward. If you keep a moving forward attitude you will stay encouraged.

#5 Reward Your Accomplishments
Do not wait until you complete your big goal before you reward yourself. You should start rewarding yourself as soon as you complete the smaller ones. You can reward yourself by cooking a special dinner, going to the movies, or just sitting back and reflecting on your accomplishments.

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