Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip: Gain Control Over Your Circumstances

I just turned 40 this year and at this stage in my life I am focusing on how to deal with things that cause me stress and how to stay positive. I have come to understand that a major reason that I am stressed out is because I feel like I am helpless and I do not have control over certain situations that occur in my life. In order to gain control over my circumstances, I had to to identify areas in my life that I was able to do something about. I also had to rid myself of what was causing me stress. If you are going through something similar then this article is for you. The two areas that I identified are 1) Mind my own business and 2) Do not answer the telephone.

#1 Tips for Minding Your Business
1. Avoid Gossip
2. Do not tend to your neighbor's business.
3. Do not allow people to unload their baggage on you
4. Do not try to save the world
5. Do not tend to your relatives business.
Once I stopped taking on the cares of the world and I began to spend time with myself, I realized that much of my stress was not actually caused by things that was happening in my life. Instead my stress was in fact being caused by me listening to and taking on the concerns of other people. I had allowed other people's stress to be transferred to me. Once I started to mind my own business, I eliminated a large percentage of my stress!

#2 Do not Answer the Telephone
Believe it or not, just because your phone rings does not mean that you are obligated to answer it. Much of my stress occurred because I answered my phone and listened to negative people and gossipers. At the end of the call I am usually unraveled and I have to spend the better half of the day trying to regroup.

My reasoning for staying on the phone and listening to negative people and gossipers was because I did not want to hurt their feelings by telling them that I did not care to hear what they were talking about. My new attitude is "My well being comes first". The positive action that I take to deal with negative people and gossipers who call me is, I have placed a block on my phone. Yes, I have actually activated a device on my cell phone that enables me to only talk to the people who are on my contact list. My contact list contains a select few people.

The rest of the people who call me go directly to my voice mail and I have the option of going to my recent call list and filtering who I want to call back.In the end, what worked for me was identifying what and who was causing me stress. Once I identified my stressors, I no longer felt helpless because I was able to take control of my situation by choosing to avoid negative people as well as people whose conversations were foolish for the most part. I made the choice to surround myself around people who are motivators and people who can elevate me to the next level.

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Nikki Thornton said...

Peace is a gift,
It is a gift we give to ourselves,
And then to each other.

Antionette Tate said...

I agree Nikki! Thanks for stopping by and sharing :)

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