Inner Peace and Joy Tip #40: Be Able to Adapt to Change

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation Tip: The Book of Proverbs is loaded with wisdom nuggets. Read Proverbs 9, pull out the wisdom nuggets and apply them to your life.

Much of maintaining your mental state of peace and living a life full of joy is going to be in your ability to adapt to change.

Change is CONSTANT

People change, Time change, Situations change, Circumstances change, and You will change.

There is no getting around change. You have to learn how to deal with change.

I remember when my sister had her child. My family dynamics was no longer the same. Prior to the birth of my nephew, I was considered my mothers baby. With the new addition to our family, my nephew became the new baby.

I was no longer getting all of the attention. I had to learn to adapt to my new role of auntie verses being my mother's baby.

Adapting To Your New Role
In life, you are going to be faced with several new roles. For example. You went from child, to teenager, to young adult, to adult, to elder. These are all different roles and requires that you change in order to adapt to your new responsibilities

You may be faced with the role of parent, wife or husband and the role of being divorced. Your company may be advancing technologically and you may have to adapt to the role of learning new technology verses being industrial

When you are faced with adapting to life, surround yourself with mentors and people who can guide you. Mentors are good because they have already experienced what you are going through.

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