Inner Peace and Joy Tip # 23: Control Your Emotions

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation: The Book of Proverbs is loaded with wisdom nuggets. Read Proverbs 23, pull out the wisdom nuggets and apply them to your life

The way that you are going to experience a life of inner peace and joy is by controlling your emotions.
You can not let your emotions go haywire and expect to experience peace and joy. Here are some tips for helping you to control your emotions.

Tip:Control Your Temper
You have to learn to take control of your temper. Everyday you are not going to wake up and be peaceful and joyful. There are certain things and actions that you must take in order to maintain an inner state of peace and joy. You must Decide every morning to Be Peaceful and Joyful.

Tip "Don't Be Wishy Washy":You should not be perceived as moody; one moment you are smiling and then the next moment people have to walk on egg shells just to keep from upsetting you. Instead people should love to see you coming because every time that they see you, they can see your inner glow and say "You are always smiling". Inner Peace starts from within, You have to decide that regardless of your outside circumstances you are still going to maintain a state of inner peace and joy.

Tip: Leave Your Baggage at the Front Door
Let's face it, everyday is not going to be sunshine. You are going to have some days when you are challenged to maintain your state of inner peace and joy. If you are not having a good day, please do not subject others to your pain. Instead, leave your baggage at the front door and suck it up. Whatever happened before you got to work does not concern the people that you are encountering now. Decide before you enter the door that you are going to be a " Beacon of Light" and that you are going to "Uplift someone's spirits today"

More Useful Tips:

Smile more

Have a positive attitude

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