Inner Peace and Joy: Tip # 26: Create a Budget

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation: The Book of Proverbs is loaded with wisdom nuggets.Read Proverbs 26, pull out the wisdom nuggets and apply them to your life

A part of experiencing inner peace and joy is having enough money saved so that when an emergency occurs you are prepared. Also you want to make sure that you have enough money saved to be able to take care of your needs and enjoy life.

Tips for Creating a Budget

1. How much money do you realistically want to save each month or year?

2. Review you monthly income statement
and write out how much money you have flowing in for the month
3. Print out your bank statement for the last three months
4. Categorize your spending habits into groups (i.e bills, clothing, groceries, eating out, recreational, gas) and write out how much money you spend in each group per month
5. Compare your bank statement to your monthly income statement. Do you have more money going out than coming in?
6. If you have more money going out than you have coming in, identify all areas where you can cut back on your spending.
7. Continue to cut your spending habits until you have more money coming in than you have going out
8. Save your excess money

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