Inner Peace and Joy Tip #29: Love the Skin That You Are In

Inner Peace and Joy Meditation Tip: The Bible is full of wisdom nuggets. Read Proverbs 29, pull out the wisdom nuggets and apply it to your life

A very important role in maintaining inner peace and experiencing joy daily is loving WHO YOU ARE and that includes loving and accepting your figure. The truth of the matter is, there is NO PERFECT FIGURE and women bodies come in different shapes and sizes. For instance, some women are hippy, some have big breast, some have small breast, some are thin, some are big boned and some have a tiny waist. Identify what your body shape is and then do your research so that you can achieve optimal health based on your figure.

What's Your Body Shape?

1. Apple Shaped- If you have an apple shape then you are shaped like a triangle downward. You have broad shoulders , big breast and narrow hips.
2. Banana Shape-If you have a banana shape then have a straight or rectangle shape.
3. Pear Shape- If you have a pear shape then you are shaped like a spoon. You are hippy with small breast .
4. Hour Glass-If you have an hour glass shape, your hips and breast are almost of equal size and you have a small waist line.

When you are healthy, you feel good about yourself and you do not have to deal with health concerns. When you are operating at your full potential you are able to maintain your inner peace because you are able to focus clearly and make wise decisions.

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