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Do You Have A Home Security System?

I never knew the importance of having a home security system until I was face to face with a burglar who was attempting to burglarize my home. That was one of the most terrifying events of my life and from that point forward my life changed completely. Prior to being victimized, I use to take everything for granted. Please don't get me wrong, I am not naive about crime, I just always thought "never me".

I never really paid attention to the fact that I was not taking any precautions to protect my home. It was that incident that caused me to start researching home security systems and making sure that I was not an easy target for thieves. I have listed 10 home security tips to help you to deter thieves from burglarizing your home so you can have a peace of mind.

10 Cheap Home Security Tips

#1 Home Security Tip is Secure Your Windows: One of easiest entries into your home for a burglar is through the windows. You should make sure that all of your windows, including your upstairs windows, are locked and that you have something inside of your window to keep your window from being jarred open easily. I would suggest a wooden stick.

When you are securing your windows, you should also make sure that you have bars on your basement windows.

#2 Home Security Tip is Install Dead Bolt Locks: Another important measure to securing your home is making sure that your doors are secure. Forcefully kicking in your doors is another way that burglars prefer to gain entry into your home. You can secure your doors by making sure that you have dead bolt locks on all of your doors.

I would also suggest that you purchase door stopper security bars and place them on all of your doors..The metal security bars will prevent someone from forcefully kicking in your door.

#3 Home Security Tip i s Avoid Solicitors: When someone comes to your home soliciting information, you should not let them gain entry into your home nor should you let them get a view of the inside of your home. Instead of talking to them with the door cracked open you to step outside and talk to them.

#4 Home Security Tip is Install Motion Sensor Lights: You want to keep your home well lighted. An inexpensive way to keep your home lighted is to install motion sensor lights. Also if you know that you are going to away from your home for a long period of time, a good idea is to use timers to turn on lights in your house in the evenings.

#5 Home Security Tip is Monitor Your Mail: If you know that you are going to be away from your home for long periods of time, ask the post office to hold your mail and stop your newspapers from being delivered to your home. If the mail is piled up in your mailbox and if you have piles of newspapers in your front yard, that is a sure sign that your home is not occupied.

#6 Home Security Tip is Move Your Car: You car is another indicator of your normal routine and your pattern. If you live in an apartment complex, you should not always park your car in the same spot because if you do then it is easy to tell when you are home or when you are away at work. Also if you are away from your home for long periods of time, you should have someone to move your car from time to time so that it gives the appearance that you are home.

#7: Home Security Tip is Pay Attention To Your Social Media Posts: If you use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Myspace make sure that you keep certain information private such as your home address and your going or comings. You do not want to post that you are going on a vacation nor do you want to post that you are away from your home. You never know who is on these social media sites that are looking for an opportunity to burglarize your home.

#8: Home Security Tip is Make Your Home Visibile: A very important burglar deterrent is to make sure that your home is visible. You should not have any large bushes or trees that are blocking the view of your home. Thieves like to hide behind bushes and climb trees to gain entry into your home

#9 Home Security Tip is Carry Mace Spray: When you are getting out of your car pay attention to anything that looks suspicious. It is a good idea for you to carry mace spray on your key chain just in case someone tries to approach you or attack you while you are getting out of your car.

#10 Home Security Tip is Install a Home Security System: A home security is your best deterrent system because an alarm will be triggered if someone tries to enter your home. Usually, a loud noise will scare away a robber. I also like the home security system because of the decals that you can place on your doors and windows.

Home Security Companies

* Protection One Security
* ADT Home Security
* Brinks Home Security
* First Alert
* GE Home Security
* Guardian Protection
* Guardian Burglar Alarm
* Guardian Alarm
* Protect America


Home Security said...

Thanks for your valuable tips. Generally we don’t keep in mind all above points while thinking about our home security. We just buy security system and thought that my home is safe. But it’s not 100% safe until or unless you follow these basic guidelines.

Antionette Tate said...

Thanks for your comments. I just assumed my home was safe until someone actually tried to break in. Now I am more cautious and I look at everything with a "preventive eye" Be Blessed

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