Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip: "Yes You Can!"

You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To Do!

I can't was the way that I use to respond every time some one would asked me to do something that I thought was too difficult for me to accomplish until I met a man who told me that can't is not a word. This same man told me that the word is "can not" and that I can do anything with the help of God. These few words changed my life because I went from thinking that I can not to believing that I can.

You Must Believe In Yourself and Your Abilities!

The way that positive thinking works in conjunction with Inner Peace is that if you believe that you have the power to accomplish your goals and that you are well equipped to meet the challenges of life, then you will be more likely to live your life with a sense of inner peace. A person who believes in their self views life as being full of opportunities.

The person who believes that they can not accomplish their goals has a different viewpoint regarding life. This person is more likely to see the world as full of obstacles and they also are likely to see themselves as being trapped and unable to achieve their goals. This person is less likely to experience inner peace because most of the time they feel frustrated and defeated.

What's Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals?

The thoughts that you entertain in your head are going to be the driving factor in how well you maintain your inner peace. If you believe that you can not accomplish your goals, then you will not but if you believe that you can achieve your goals then you will.

Once you understand that your thoughts are going to proceed your actions, then the next step to maintaining your inner peace will be removing hold me back words like "can't" from your vocabulary and replacing them with words like "I can" and "I am able."

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