Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip: Are You Dealing With Stress

Are You Stressed Out?

Stress is your body's inside response to what you perceive as outside pressure. You may be stressed if you are experiencing these physical and behavioral signs. Check with your doctor to be sure!

7 Physical Signs that You May Be Stressed
  • Chest pain
  • loss of appetite
  • menstrual irregularity
  • hair loss/ baldness
  • neck and back pain
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • skin conditions such as eczema
7 Behaviors Signs That You May Be Stressed
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Irritability
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Feeling excessively tired
  • Nail biting
  • Crying often
  • Paranoia

Stress Management: 2 Ways To Manage Your Stress

If you are stressed, then it is important to understand that you may have limited control over your circumstance but you can have total control over your emotional response to your circumstance. Two things that you can do to have total control over your emotions and have a positive response when you are in a negative situation are: 1) Identify your triggers and 2) Replace your negative thoughts with positive actions.

How To Deal With Your Stress: Stress Management Exercise

Before you can deal with your stress, you have to first identify what it is that is actually causing you to be stressed out. It is important to understand that what you perceive as stressful may not be a stressful situation to some one else. For example: I get stressed out when I am around a lot of noise. What triggers you to perceive a situation as stressful?

Step #1: Identify Your Triggers
1. Keep a journal of all of the things that ticks you off for a week
2. Each time that you are ticked off, ask yourself "Why do I react negatively to this situation?" "What is it about this particular situation that gets to me in this way?"Write down your thoughts in numerical sequence in your journal.
3. At the end of the week, review your journal and identify what you were thinking each time that you felt ticked off.

Step #2: Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Action
Now that you are able to identify the reasons why certain people and situations ticks you off, your next step is;
  1. to write out several positive ways that you can respond to each of the items that you listed in your journal that ticks you off.
  2. Practice role-playing with a partner. Pretend that you are in a particular situations or you are in the presence of the type of person that ticks you off.
  3. You should practice until you are comfortable responding positively to the negative situation so that when you encounter a negative situation you are not triggered to respond with negative actions.

Positive Ways To Respond To Stress

The way that you are going to maintain a state of inner peace is by not being stressed out. In the exercise, you learned how to be positive and stay calm in situations that are negative. Now, you should be able to take positive actions the next time that you encounter negative people and a negative situation because you will not be taken off guard. You have also learned how to recognize your triggers and you will be well rehearsed on how to take positive actions when you are faced in your trigger situations.

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