Inner Peace and Joy: Tip #12 Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Actions

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation: Read Proverbs 12 and apply it to your life

Dealing with negative people can be mind blowing! You can easily lose it and explode unless you are prepared ahead of time to take the necessary actions to respond in a positive manner. I have listed some tips on how you can have a positive response when you are dealing with negative people.

1. Identify the reasons why certain people and situations ticks you off
2. Write out several positive ways that you can respond to each of the items that you listed
3. Practice role-playing with a partner. Pretend that you are in a particular situations or you are in the presence of the type of person that ticks you off.
4. Practice until you are comfortable responding positively to the negative situation. This will be helpful because the next time you encounter a negative situation you will not be triggered to respond with a negative actions.

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