Inner Peace and Joy Tip # 17 Surround Yourself With People Who Mean You Good

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation: Read Proverbs 17 and apply it to your life

Inner Peace is about being peaceful. It is difficult to maintain inner peace when you are surrounded by people who like to keep chaos going.

Remove People From Your Life Who Do Not Mean You Good
To experience lasting joy, you have to filter your relationships and remove yourself from people who are constantly being disruptive, who are hot heads and who gossip all of the time etc.

If you surround yourself around such people then you will be influenced by them and you will be affected by their behavior directly or indirectly. Such people will attempt to take your joy; their thoughts are not on being joyful.

You have the authority to control who you associate with. Make it a point to surround yourself with mentors, people who can motivate you and people who can help you get to the next level

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