Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip: 16 False Beliefs About Anger

Anger is neither good nor bad. The way that you express your anger can be good or bad.

16 False Beliefs About Anger
  1. It is not okay to feel angry
  2. Anger is a waste of time and energy
  3. Good, nice people do not get angry
  4. We should not feel angry when we do
  5. We will lose control and go crazy if we get angry
  6. People will go away if we get angry at them
  7. Other people should never feel angry towards us
  8. If others get angry at us, we made them feel that way and we are responsible for fixing their feelings
  9. If we feel angry at someone else, they made us feel that way and they have to go away
  10. If we feel angry at someone we should punish that person for making us feel that way
  11. If we feel angry at someone that person has to change what he or she is doing so that we do not feel angry anymore
  12. If we feel angry, we have to hit someone or break something
  13. If we feel angry we have to shout or scream
  14. If someone feels angry at someone it means we do not love the person anymore
  15. If someone feels angry at us, it means that person does not love us anymore
  16. Anger is a sinful emotion

When I Get Angry, I usually do what....
Get even
Talk to a friend
Ignore it
Take a drive
Hit somebody
Throw things
Do nothing
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Steve M Nash said...

This is a great piece on anger, thanks very much!

I think these false beliefs are causing a lot of hurt out there, for sure.


Antionette Tate said...

Thanks Steve!

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