Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip: How To Deal With Depression

Inner Peace and Depression
I am going to put it out there, financial stress can cause you to be depressed. If you do not have enough money to take care of your basic needs (such as paying your all of your bills on time, buying food, or purchasing clothes) or enough money to do some of the things that you enjoy in life (such as taking a vacation or engaging in recreational activities) then you can easily find yourself being depressed.

The thing is, if you are depressed then you are not going to be at a state of Inner Peace and that is what this blog is about "How to maintain Inner Peace and live your life full of Joy Daily".

In this post, you are going to: 1) Get a glimpse at some of the causes of depression 2)Identify some of the signs and symptoms of depression and 3) Gain a better understanding on How To Deal With Depression.

Signs, Symptoms of Depression

What are the Signs of Depression

Your emotions are going to be your number one indicator to let you know if you are at a state of Inner Peace or if you are depressed. You may be depressed if you are experiencing these symptoms for an extended period of time.

  • #1 Symptom of Depression: Feeling sad
  • #2 Symptom of Depression: Sleeping too much
  • #3 Symptom of Depression: Not sleeping enough
  • #4 Symptom of Depression: Feeling fatigued
  • #5 Symptom of Depression: Feeling worthless:
  • #6 Symptom of Depression: Being agitated
  • #7 Symptom of Depression: Trouble concentrating

Causes of Depression:

Financial Stress can cause you to experience depression. You may depressed because:
  • #1: You Have More Bills than Money
  • #2: You are Not Being Paid Enough
  • #3: Need Better Skills
  • #4: Feeling Over Worked and Underpaid
  • #5: Unemployed
This is a small list and I am sure that you can add unlimited other possible stressful events that can cause you to be depressed but before you add to this list, I want you to know that I made this list short for a reason. The reason that the list of possible stressful events is so small is because events and situations do not cause you to be stressed nor do they cause you to be depressed. Your stress and depression is based in part on how you are responding or reacting to your perceived stressful situation.

Inner Peace: Dealing With Depression

How To Deal With Stress and Depression
One possible way that you can deal with stress, over come your depression and return to your mental state of peace is by dealing directly with the issues that you face. I would suggest that you make a list and identify precisely what it is exactly that you are perceiving as being a stressful.

If you are depressed because you do not liking your present job, then you should:
  • Developing a Plan of Action: If you want a better paying job, start your own business or change careers, then you are going to have to plan it out. When you develop your plan of action you have to make sure that you set reasonable goals and a time to achieve your goals
If you are experiencing symptoms of stress and you are depressed because you spend more money than you make then you may need to:
  • Learn how to Budget
  • Seek Counseling
  • Take courses to help you learn how to manage your finances
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Anonymous said...

Hi Tonie,

Three attributes I needed to overcome wrong thinking and to get my life in order were these.

1-Discipline (Self Control)

2-Determination (Will Power)

3- Dedication (Staying Power)

Without #1 you cannot take control of your life and this is a huge problem with many people. For years I knew what I had to do, but instead of doing it I sought comfort and pleasure, at a high price.

I had a horrible time quitting smoking for years. I even prayed and aske for help, but when I finally had enough, I made a vow I would quit if it was my last living act and once I became determined to do something about it,that's when I became successful
at quitting.

How many times I started out with the best of intentions to change my life, but I didn't stick by my resolve until I just decided I had enough of debt and paying interest because my debt was out of control, the way many people's debt is and they are in a vicious cycle they can't escape. It hurt not to buy anything on impulse and to pay down my huge debt, but with discipline, determination and dedication, I paid off my mortgage, my car note and other debts, until all that's left is less than $1,000-down from 30 times that much. I expect to pay that off within a month and I can see where I have more money at my disposal. Going into debt is self-defeating and does the opposite of what it promises.

Antionette Tate said...

Arcadian, Wow! I commend you on being disciplined enough to pay off your debts. Right now I am in the process of paying off my student loans.

You are so right with the Three D's that you listed. Self Control, Will Power and my favorite Staying Power. I struggle with being dedicated to complete what it is that I set out to achieve.

Thanks for your comment!

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