Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip: 3 Natural Remedies For Stress

Stress Control, Stress Management and Stress Reduction Techniques

Three natural remedies that you can do to reduce stress and relax when you are feeling stressed, angry or just plain ole sick and tired of being sick and tired are: 1)Take a warm bubble bath 2) Aroma Therapy and 3) Listen to Music

#1: Natural Remedy For Stress: Take a Warm Bubble Bath

My favorite tool to help me calm down after a hectic or a stressful day is to take a warm bubble bath. I also like to place candles along side the tub. If I am really feeling like treating myself I sprinkle rose pedals in the water as well.I don't stop there!

Before I get into the tub, I place my favorite soft drink beverage , which is a "Vault", in a chilled wine glass and I turn on my favorite "Oldie but music CD. Then I relax for about a half hour.It never fails, after I finish taking my warm bubble bath I am focused and back to my peaceful and calm self.

#2 Natural Remedy For Stress : Aroma Therapy

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Remedy
Oils from plants can actually calm you down when you are under a lot of stress and help to bring you back to a relaxed state of mind. You just take the essential oil and dip it in cotton and inhale.

To treat stress, anxiety, tension or mental fatigue try one or a combination of the following:
  • Chamomile: Reduce stress, Anger and Anxiety
  • Clary Sage: Useful for relaxing, Depression, Anger and Anxiety
  • Lavender: Release and relieves stress, Anger, Anxiety, Depression
  • Geranium : Reduce stress, Anger, Anxiety and Nervous Tension
  • Frank Incense: : Anger, Anxiety and Nervous Tension
  • Juniper Berry : Anxiety and Anger
  • Basil : Anger, Anxiety, Depression
  • Jasmine: Anger and Anxiety

#3 Natural Remedy For Stress: Listen To Music

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A stress reduction exercise you can do to help you reduce your stress is to build a list of calm music. Music helps you to reduce stress and anxiety by helping you to calm down when you are agitated.

Stress Reduction Exercise : Build A List of Calm Music

1. Start paying attention to how the music you listen to affects your mood
2. Check your mood before you begin listening, while you are listening and after you listen to the music
3. Make a list of all of the music that you listen to that is calm and relaxing
4. Upload those songs on your Ipod or make a CD

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