Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip: Don't Answer Your Cell Phone

My Cell phone, Friends and Family

If I allow it, my cell phone can be one of my worse enemies especially when I working on maintaining my Inner Peace. You see, I do not like to talk on the telephone no longer than ten or fifteen minutes but my family and friends, on the other hand, like to stay on their cell phone for hours. They call me throughout the day wanting to talk about what is going right or wrong in their life and it can be very stressful at times.


My dilemma is "Answer my cell phone and be stressed out or do not answer my cell phone which would piss my family members off"You may be saying "Just do not answer your phone" but not answering the phone is not an easy solution because I really want to stay in touch with my family and friends but I do not want to spend a lot of time on the phone talking to them.

Well, if you are faced with a similar stressful dilemma, I have 4 things that you can do to stay in touch with your friends and family members without spending too much time on the telephone talking to them and they are: 1)Text 2) Send a multimedia message 3) Email and 4) Social media

#1 Text:

I enjoy using the text feature on my cell phone because I can check in with everyone in my circle without answering my cell phone. The text feature causes a few extra dollars on your cell phone bill but it is worth the investment because you can send and receive written messages to anyone who has the text feature on their cell phone. I usually send out "hello" or "inspirational" texts to everyone in the morning. I usually get a reply back within minutes that says something like "Thank you" or " How are you doing today?"

#2: T.V. Cellphone, Multimedia Messages:

I have a Verizon Blackberry Storm and along with the text feature, I also can send videos, pictures or sound recordings. This is a great feature for staying in touch with people who you have not seen in a while. My sister, who lives far away, use this multimedia feature to send me videos of my nephew who is growing fast.

# 3: Email:

If you want to send a message from your cell phone that contains more characters than texting will allow you, try sending an email. Email is another great way you can stay in touch with people. You can check your email messages from your cell phone as well, if you have that feature enabled on your phone.

#4: Social Media:

My cell phone offers me a social media application that allows me to stay in touch with my friends in real time on Facebook, Twitter and Instant Messenger. This application is great because you can send short messages, upload pictures and share information without ever answering your cell phone.

Cell Phone Plans, Cell Phone Offers, Cell Phone Features and Your Inner Peace
If you are like me and you do not like talking on the cell phone because it disturbs your inner peace then you should check out different cell phone plans, cell phone options and cell phone features that will help you reach out to your friends and family without answering your cell phone.

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