Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip: Manage Your Anger

How To Manage Your Anger

The way that you are going to maintain a mental state of inner peace is by being peaceful and knowing how to avoid getting angry. Word of advice, just because you are working on maintaining your inner peace does not mean that people are not going to get on your nerves nor does it mean that you are never going to get upset. When you are in a situation and you feel like you are starting to get angry, you have to know how to gain control of the situation and manage your anger . Here are some tips to help you remain peaceful when someone is getting on your nerves

Anger Management Tips

4 Ways To Manage Your Anger

#1 Wait Before You Reply:
If someone is getting on your nerves and you want to give them a tongue lashing, before you do, take a minute and think about what would be an appropriate response. When you take time to wait before you reply, you will give yourself enough time to calm down and reply with a peaceful answer,

#2: Do Not Respond: When you are conversing with someone, you should make sure and wait for them to finish speaking before you make a comment. If you do not like what the other person is saying and it is making you upset, you are not obligated to respond. A better response is just smile.

#3: Stay Away From Troublemakers: Do not entertain troublemakers because troublemakers like to keep strife going. If you are around people who keep chaos going all the time, you will not have peace. Make sure that you surround yourself around peaceful people. If you can not find any peaceful people be by yourself.

#4: Smile More:
Focus on all of the things that make you smile throughout the day instead of all of the things that makes you upset. When you focus on the things that make you smile, you will smile all day instead of being angry and upset.

Anger Management Exercise
Try this exercise to help you increase the number of times you smile daily: Write a list of 50 things that makes you smile. This can be a joke, the names of special people in your life, favorite places to vacation etc. Throughout the day review at least one item from off of your list and smile.

Guess what? If you focus on all of the things that makes you smile all day long; then all day long you are smiling and if you are smiling your are experiencing inner peace and joy

Likewise, if you focus on all of the things that make you angry all day long; then you are going to be upset and frowning all day long instead of experiencing inner peace and joy.

More Anger Management Tips
Be Patient

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