Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip: 4 Things You Can Do To Help You To Remain Calm

Your emotions are going to be your number one indicator to let you know if you are at a state of inner peace or if you are at a state of dis-ease.When you are stressed, angry, depressed, sad etc. you are in opposition of feeling calm, joyful and peaceful. Once you recognize that you are not experiencing a state of Inner Peace, then you have to be responsible for taking the necessary steps to position yourself back in to a peaceful state of being. I have listed four things that you can do to calm down when you are feeling stressed. They are: 1)Play Cards 2) Write 3) Go for a walk and 4) Listen to Mellow Music

#1 Play Cards

One of the reasons why you may be experiencing stress is because you are focusing your thoughts on the stressful event. If you want to calm down and return to a peaceful state of being then you must change what you are focusing on. Playing cards is a great activity to help you change what you are focusing on because when you are playing cards you are concentration on the activity and not on what it is that is stressing you out.

#2 Write

If you are a person who likes to write then you should try writing down your feelings when you are feeling stressed, angry or sad. Writing out your feelings on paper is a great way to release your negative energy in a positive way. You can also try blogging or as a means of expressing yourself. Squidoo is a free and fun site that allows you build a web page and write about whatever your interests are.

Build Your Free Web Page on Squidoo

#3 Go For A Walk
Walking is another way that you can release negative energy in a positive way. The great thing about walking is that you can bring along your ipod and listen to music, a word of inspiration or anything soothing while you walk out your frustrations

#4 Create A Play List and Play Mellow Music

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

When you are feeling stressed out, a great way to get your focus back is by listening to some mellow music. Music is an easy way to calm you down and help you to return back to a peaceful state of being.

More Useful Tips
Play Video Games

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