Inner Peace and Joy Tip # 78: Patience

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation Tip: The Book of Psalms will uplift your soul. Read Psalms chapters 76-80 for a Spirit Booster!

What I have discovered about myself is that if I wait long enough the problem will soon past.

Patience is a prerequisite for maintaining your inner peace.

When you have patience you understand that time changes some things but you have to be willing to wait.

For example if I want to lose weight, let's say 10 pounds, the first thing that I would do is make a list of the goals that I need to work on in order to achieve my objective.

I would then work and while I am working I must wait for the changes to occur. You would not set a goal to lose weight in one day. A more realistic goal would be to lose 10 pounds in a month.

That's how time and patience works. You have to be willing to wait to see the changes to take effect in your life.

Highlights of Having Patience
  • When you master the skill of patience you can control your emotions. You do not get frustrated easily because you understand the importance of time and timing.

  • A person who has mastered the skill of patience is also slow to anger because they see the big picture which is maintaining their inner peace

How well do you exercise patience?

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1 comment:

Mr. Oatmeal said...

I have found that there is one unchanging truth, a constant if you will and that is “everything changes with time” and if for some reason we think we can hurry the galactic pace of time we are in for a frustrating ride. Patience, or lack of it, is the most important factor controlling our lives. Equanimity when walking this path will allow you to see the everyday beauty in things. Something that may seem catastrophic is neither inherently good or bad, it is our reaction to those events that make them good or bad. I enjoy your blog :)

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