Inner Peace and Joy Tip # 89 : Bury Your Grudges

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation Tip: The Book of Psalms will uplift your soul. Read Psalms chapters 146-150 for a Spirit Booster!

I have a friend, who has been holding on to a grudge for over fifteen years with a person who once was a dear friend of hers. One day, I asked my friend, why it is that she is not speaking with the person who once her friend any more? Do you know that because the incident had occurred so long ago, she had forgotten the reason why they were not speaking anymore. She just remembered that they were not speaking anymore. Wow!

Do You Hold Grudges ?

How many of you hold grudges? Many people do. Did you know that if you hold grudges for an extensive period of time that you will not successfully be able to maintain your mental state of peace and live your life full of joy?

Here Is Why
When you mentally hold on to the wrong doings that some one has done to you or you have done to someone else for an extensive period of time you are actually hurting yourself because you are mentally holding inside of your mind negative emotions of anger, grief and sorrow. When you hold on to anger, grief and sorrow for an extensive period of time, you mind is troubled and you are not at a state of Inner Peace.

Now I am not saying that if someone has harmed you that you should not feel any type of emotions after all you are human. What I am saying is that for the sake of maintaining your Inner Peace you must find a way to release your negative emotions and bury your grudges.

How To Bury Your Grudges
  • Forgiveness: When you forgive someone for the wrong that they have caused you or for the wrong that you have caused them you actually have agreed to mentally "let go" of all of the painful feelings that you are holding on inside. Only then will you be able to experience permanent Inner Peace.
  • Face to Face Contact: Face to Face contact is a great way to express yourself when it is done peacefully. It is possible that you may be holding on to a grudge with someone due to a lack of communication and if you get a chance to just talk through your issues you will find that you can resolve your problems and regain your Inner Peace.
  • Have a Funeral : If you are you are not able to contact someone who has wronged you or you have wronged because they are no longer alive or you have lost contact with them, you can write that person a letter and tell them that you forgive them or ask them to forgive you. Next say a prayer over the letter, dig a hole and bury the letter. When you bury the letter make sure that you bury your negative feelings with the letter.

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