Inner Peace and Joy Tip # 90: Call Your Mother

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation Tip: The Book of Psalms will uplift your soul. Read Psalms chapters 1-5 for a Spirit Booster!

Release Your Frustrations
Have you ever had a bad day at work, school or just a plain ole bad day in general? How did you feel? What did you do to release the energy that you were feeling? Did you release the energy in the form of frustration, agitation or anger?

When you are working on maintaining a mental state of peace you are going to have to find positive ways of expressing your energy when you are feeling stressed out. You should not keep all of your frustrations bottled up inside because what ends up happening when you keep your emotions bottled up is that they will just keep building up and building up until one day you will have an emotional explosion.

Talk to Someone/Call Your Mother
One positive way that you can release your energy and maintain your Inner Peace is by talking to someone. When you talk to someone it will help you to remain calm and peaceful because it will give you a chance to let off some of your steam. When I am in a stressful situation, sometimes all that I really need to do to keep my peace is to have someone who I can vent to. Usually after I vent I feel a lot better.

One person in particular that stands out as a great person to talk to is your mother. Mom's are great because they seem to have a natural tendency to listen and to understand their children when they are upset. Mother's always seem to know the right words to say to calm their children down. If you do not have access to your mother you should work on building a circle of friends that you can confide in.

Build A Network Of Friends
It is going to be a good idea to start developing an inner circle of friends that you can talk to when you are having a stressful day. Call up a few of your friends and ask them if it will be okay if you could call them from time to time when necessary just to vent. You need to make sure that your circle of friends will be patient with you, will sincerely listen to you and will not judge you when you are releasing your frustration to them.

Here is a suggested list of people you can call to help you calm down:
  • Your Mother
  • Your Parents
  • Your Spouse
  • Your Siblings
  • Your Pastor
  • Your Significant Other
  • Your Best Friend
  • Your Spiritual Adviser

  • If you have someone who you confide in and they help you to calm down, please feel free to add to this list.

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