Inner Peace and Joy Tip # 94: Praise God

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation Tip: The Book of Psalms will uplift your soul. Read Psalms chapters 21-25 for a Spirit Booster!

I am working on maintaining my Inner Peace but I have to confess that sometimes if I do not watch it, I will slip into a state of being discouraged.

Discouragement and Inner Peace
When I am discouraged God always sends me a word to give me hope and encouragement. This Word can come in the form of my reading a scripture, books, watching television or listening to the radio etc.

My word of encouragement came at a much needed time today because when I start thinking about where I am in my life as compared to where I hoped to be I start feeling sad, I do not want to leave my home and I feel drained. I am normally an upbeat and joyful person so when I am discouraged my mind is not at a peaceful state of being.

Encouraging Words
I was riding in my car and listening to an interview that Big Tigger was having with the singer Omarion about his latest CD "Illusion". What stood out for me about this interview was that when Big Tigger asked Omarion what was the biggest illusion in the music industry he replied (paraphrased) "People give the illusion to have more than they got instead of appreciating the quality of life that they do have"

I said to myself, Wow! I may not have all that I want to have but I have a pretty good life and then immediately I began to Praise God. The more I praised God for the good things in my life the better I felt about myself and the more encouraged I was to keep working on maintaining my Inner Peace.

What to do when you are discouraged
When you are working on maintaining your Inner Peace you have to be conscious of all of the ways that your Inner Peace may be threatened. Your Inner Peace may be attacked subtly in the form of discouragement.

Once you become aware that you are not at a mental state of peace due to being discouraged you can get encouraged by :

  • Thanking God for waking you up this morning
  • Thanking God for having a good night sleep
  • Thanking God for your body and good mental and physical health
  • Thanking God for running water and a roof over your head
  • Thanking God for having food to eat
  • Thanking God for your family being alive and healthy
  • Thanking God for having a car with gas
  • Thanking God for having a job
  • Etc.
And then start praising God
  • Praise God for being a God who is forgiving (Reflect)
  • Praise God for God's unconditional love for you (Reflect)
  • Praise God for being a Provider (Reflect)
  • Praise God for taking an interest in you (Reflect)
  • Praise God for being a Healing God (Reflect)
  • Praise God for never leaving you or forsaking you (reflect)
  • Praise God for alone being God (Reflect)
  • Praise God for God is working things out for your good (Reflect)
  • Etc

I have found that praising God when you are discouraged will help you to maintain your Inner Peace because it will help you change your perspective from focusing on what is going wrong in your life to what is going right. When you get into the habit of praising God throughout the day, you can not help but get encouraged.

I look forward to reading your comments on how Praising God has helped you to maintain your Inner Peace.

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