Inner Peace and Joy Tip # 96: Play the Hand That Life Has Dealt You Like a Winner

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What Does Being Happy Have To Do With The Card Game Spades?
I am not great at playing cards, in fact some people would say that I am a sore loser, but it is from playing cards that I have learned one of life's most valuable lessons and that is "How to be Happy no Matter What Hand I am Dealt With in Life."

Are you familiar with the card game 'Spades'? Basically, Spades is a game of chance that is played for fun between four people who are paired in two's. The dealer deals each player thirteen cards from a fifty two card deck. You never know which cards you are going to get. You may get a winner's hand or a loser's hand but no matter what hand you get you have to give the impression that you are playing with a winner's hand.

What is A Winner's Hand
When I am dealt a hand that consists of all the high cards and a few low cards, I get excited because I know that I have a winner's hand. As a matter of fact, every one who is playing at the table also knows that I have a winner's hand because my attitude and my emotions change. You can see it written on my face; I get excited and I started talking and playing with confidence.

Now on the other hand if I am dealt a hand with a lot of low cards and a few high cards, immediately I know that I have a loser's hand. Again everyone at the table also knows that I am playing with a loser's hand because my face expression changes and I start frowning. I may even throw in my hand and shuffle all of my cards with every one else cards. Remember, I told you that I am a sore loser.

How to be Happy With the Hand Life Has Dealt You

Life is like playing cards because just like the card game 'Spades' life is a game of chance. Some people have more advantages than others, this is a fact, however if you dwell on that you will never be able to fully live a happy life. Instead of pouting over your hand, you have to take the hand that has been dealt to you and play it to the best of your ability.

The wonderful thing about life is, nobody knows your hand. Think about it, nobody would ever know how well or how bad things are going in your life unless you tell them, give it away with your emotions or you display it with your attitude.

3 Tips for Playing Like a Winner
  • Keep a straight face: Try to try not to show too much emotions. You do not want to come across as too happy or too unhappy. The best way that you can live your life like a winner is to try to be calm and relaxed at all times.
  • Have a positive attitude: You will be a lot happier if you focus on the good things about your life instead of complaining about all of the things that are not right. If you do not like the hand that life has dealt you, do something about it but complaining is not going to make it any better.
  • Dress like a winner: Always try to dress your best and keep your hygiene up to par. When people see you they should see a winner. You clothes should be ironed and your shirt should be tucked in.
More Useful Tips:
Dress Your Best
Maintain a Positive Self-Image

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