Inner Peace and Joy Tip # 79: Change Your Perspective

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation Tip: The Book of Psalms will uplift your soul. Read Psalms chapters 81-85 for a Spirit Booster!

Your Inner Peace is going to be based on how you see "Your World".

Here is what I mean, if you are content and you see the people who are in your life as kind and loving then you are more likely to be calm and at a peace within yourself.

The opposite holds true for the person who believes that they have been dealt a bad hand in life and they believe that people are bad. More than likely that person is going to depressed and they will not be able to experience inner peace on a daily basis.

Here is What You Can Do To Change Your Perspective
Do not wait for changes to occur in your life before you change your perspective. Change how you see life right now.

1. What helps me is to count my blessings
I had to learn that as long as I am focused on what I do not have I will remain in an up roar. Instead I began to look at all of what God has provided for me. When I began to think about the goodness of the Lord, I smile and I am peace.

2. Stop comparing who you are with everyone else
I had to learn how to be happy for other people's success and not compare their success with my own because as long as I was comparing their success with my own I stayed upset. I had to learn to celebrate my own accomplishments.

3. Find the good in every situation
There is a saying about a particular lady who was known for finding the good in everybody and every situation. One day a man approached this woman and he was determined to get her to say something bad. He asked her "What do you think about the devil?" This guy actually thought that he was going to get the lady to say a bunch of negative things but instead the lady's response was "The devil is persistent!"

You have to get this one in your head, your perspective on life is going to determine your Inner Peace. I know that some times it may seem like life is not going your way but in order to maintain your inner peace you are going to have to dig deep and find good in your situation.

Try to find something about your situation that will make you smile, that will give you the feeling of gratitude or that will bring you peace. If you are able to smile, be grateful or be content you will be able to maintain your inner peace because you will be able to respond to your situation in a peaceful and calm manner.

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