Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip: Be Positive

Imagine a Super hero, someone like the marvel comic character Shazam. Shazam is the super hero who wears the Lightening Bolt on his chest.

This Super hero that I want you to imagine is somewhat different from the marvel comic Shazam because this Super hero has dual sides to his personality; one side is a Hero and the other side is a Villain. When this character is operating as a hero he is very positive. When this character is operating as a Villain he is very negative. What makes this character so powerful is that he has the power to chooses to be Super hero and be positive or he can choose to be a Villain and be negative.

When the character is in his dynamic positive mode he is capable of throwing positive energy balls. These positive energy can positively effect the recipient by building that person up.

On the other hand, when this character is in his dynamic negative mode he has the power of throwing negative energy bolts which can tear down the souls of numerous of people. These negative energy bolts are his most powerful weapon because he can use his negative energy bolts to tear down people versus building them up.

3 Types of Negative Energy Bolts

The three types of negative energy bolts that the Villain uses to destroy the lives of others are:
  1. Bad Attitude
  2. Complain All of the Time
  3. Shoot Down Your Dreams
#1 "Bad Attitude"
The Bad Attitude energy bolt is the Villain most powerful weapon because when the Villain is negative mode then that that means that his source of energy is coming from within and the only way to put out his negative energy source is to change what he is thinking about, respond better to his situation or work on making positive changes instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of his life. When the Villain is in negative mode then that means that he feels hopeless about his situation and instead of trying to work positively on changing what is going wrong in his life, he chooses to project his negativity on to you.

#2 "Complaining"
The Villain can also throw negative energy bolts by complaining all of the time. When he is in complaining mode he throws several energy bolts at one time. He aims his bolts at you by using this weapon to find fault in every thing you do no matter how big or how small. When the Villain is throwing the negative energy bolt "complaining" you have to really watch out because more than likely he feels helpless due to the fact that he is not happy with who he is and what he has accomplished in life. The Villain complains because it is easier to complain verses working on solutions.
    #3 "Shoot Down Your Dreams"
    Never tell the Villain your dreams or your plans for success because the Villain will take his lighten bolt and shoot down your dreams. Instead of sharing your dreams with the Villain keep your dreams to yourself until you believe you are strong enough to handle the rejection of others.

    Stay Tuned....In my next posts I will share with you more adventures of the Negative Villain and the Positive Hero. 
    Until then,
    Peace, Blessings and Joy
    Tonie Tate

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