Inner Peace and Joy Tip: Being Positive is Your Choice

We Each Have The Power To Be Positive or Negative
In my previous post, I introduced you to a Super Hero who was similar to the Marvel comic character Shazam. Shazam is the Marvel Super Hero who wears the lightening bolt on his chest.  I explained that this Super Hero is somewhat different because 1) He has a dual personality; he is both positive and negative. When he is in his positive mode he is a Super Hero and when he is in his negative mode he is a Villain  2) His superpowers lies in ability to choose to be Positive or Negative.

I also introduced you to the Super Hero's  weapons which are the negative energy bolt that is used to strike down his victims and the positive energy balls which he uses to uplift everyone who enters his path.

The Villain is Negative

Negative Energy Can Be Deadly

I also explained that when the Super Hero is in negative mode, he turns in to a Villain and he tortures people by using his energy bolts to strike down his victims. He prefers to strike down people instead of building up their character. The three types of negative energy bolts that the Villain uses to strike down his victims are 1) Bad Attitude 2) Complaining and 3) Dream Killer

Deadly Weapon # 1 "Bad Attitude"
The Villain uses his "Bad Attitude" as weapon  to destroy your "Positive Attitude". The Villain knows that being positive is a crucial part of being successful and if you can remain negative you will be blinded by your negativity and instead of focusing on your dreams you vision will be clouded.
Deadly Weapon #2 "Complaining"
The Villain uses his "Complaining" weapon to strike at you as well. The Villain complains because he knows very well that misery loves company and if he can draw you in to listening to his complaining and get you to complain with him you will be in his company.very smart and he knows that as long as he keeps you in a complaining mode, you will not focus
Deadly Weapon #3 "Dream Killer"
The Villain also has a weapon called "Dream Killer" that he uses to cripple you from soaring. The Villain knows that if he can discourage you from believing in yourself, it will minimize your chances from becoming a Super Hero yourself.

The Hero is Positive

The Hero Uses His Positive Energy To Uplift People

I can remember growing up watching cartoons on Saturday mornings with my sisters. I was always fascinated with the Hero because the hero always found a way to save people. My Super heroes were Superman, Batman and Robin, Spider Man, Wonder Woman and The Wonder Twins. These heroes would leap beyond bounds to save their victims from the Villain.

As an adult, I now realize that each person has the power within themselves to be a hero by being positive and uplifting the Spirits of everyone who they come in contact with. In fact the character's name is "You" because you have a dual personality. At will, you can choose to be a Villain and walk around negative all day long, finding fault in everybody and everything  or  you can choose to be a Super Hero. If you choose to be a Super Hero then you choose to be 1) Positive 2) Solution Orientated and 3) Motivating. You are believe in your ability to achieve your goals and you are willing to help others achieve theirs goals by encouraging and them inspiring them to Be The Best Possible Person That They Can Be.

Stay Tuned For More Marvels of the Super Hero "You".....
Until Then,
Peace, Joy and Blessings,
Tonie Tate

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