Inner Peace and Joy Tip: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


When working on developing a "Positive Mindset" is going to be important that you  remember the concept "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie". What I mean by letting sleeping dogs lie is... "There are going to be times in your life that  you will encounter people who may not be on the same positive path that you are on.

These people may  see you as "too happy" or "too positive" and because they have not developed a positive way to respond to life's challenges they may try to shoot you down with their words just to get you to get you on their level.

When you find yourself in such a situation you can do one of two things.
#1 You can try to convince them to see life from your perspective or
#2 You can just accept the fact that the person is not traveling the same mental journey that you are on and instead of arguing with that person or taking their remarks personal you can "let sleeping dogs lie"

Tips To Help You "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
1. Pick your battles
2. Stop taking things so personal
3. Don't allow people to defer their problems on you
4. Release and Let Go
5. Forgive others and yourself

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