Inner Peace and Joy Tip: Be Positive

Bob Marley Singing Positive Vibrations

BE POSITIVE: Your Attitude is a State of Mind

5 Reasons to Stay Positive
  1. People will Gravitate Towards You- People like being around a person who is positive. So if you want to have people (family, friends, customers) to hang around or patronize your business then you need to practice being positive.
  2. Improves Your Health- A smile a day helps to keep the doctor away. Positive people spend less time visiting the doctor about health related issues because they do not let their situation or circumstance stress them out.
  3. Puts You in a Good Mood- Have you ever noticed that people who are perceived as being positive are always smiling? The reason why they smile is because they are always in a good mood.
  4. Better Outlook on Life-When you have a positive attitude you look at the solutions instead of the problem and you believe that things will get better .
  5. Makes You Look Younger- When you are happy on the inside your body will respond on the out side by knocking off some of those golden years.


Duane Smith said...

Amen, Amen and Amen. I keep a smile on and when people ask how i am doing, i am living the dream - becasue i am

Antionette Tate said...

I love your comment Mr. Smith! Thanks for sharing

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