Inner Peace and Joy Daily Tip:Create Your Vision Statement

What's Your Vision?

Before you can build a vision of your future, you first must have a vision.
  1. Do you know what it is that you want out of life?
  2. Are  you able to state  what you want  clearly in two sentences or less  if you were asked?  
If  you are not able to clearly state what you want, then you should take some time right now and figure out exactly what it is that you desire for your life. Make sure that you  are able to concisely state your objectives in two or less sentences.

What Are Your Burning Desires?

Creating your vision requires that you spend time with yourself. Make sure that your vision is what you want for your life and not what other people desire for you.

A great way that you can get started writing out your vision statement is by asking yourself, "What burning desires do you have?" Your burning desires could be for a new house, taking a vacation, going to college, a new career, marriage and children etc. Your burning desire can be a long term goal or a short term goal.

You can use this space to figure out what you want out of  life.

Create Your Vision Worksheet

After you are able to concretely figure out what your desires are the next thing that you should do is summarize each desire into one or two sentences.

Your Vision Statement

Here is an example of my Vision Statement, "I want to be financially Independent by (x) date. I want to earn (x) amount of dollars annually as an investor."

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