5 Sure Fire Steps to Getting What You Want When You Want It

Plan To Succeed
Setting a goal and having a plan of action to achieve your goal is going to be the key to your success. You can have what you want when you want it by creating your very own Plan of Action for Success in just 5 easy steps. The steps are 1) Decide what you want 2) Write out your Desire Statement 3) Write out your Plan of Action 4) Get Motivated 5) Review Your Plans Daily
#1 Decide what you want
Get a notebook and write on page one your long termed goal. Be creative! You can cut out the letters from a magazine or you can use bright color markers to write out your long termed goal. You should also add pictures to describe your long termed goal. For instance, if your long termed goal is to take a one week vacation to the Bahamas, then you can cut out the letters "B" "A" "H" "A" "M" "A" "S": from a magazine and paste them on the first page of your notebook. On the following pages of your notebook, add pictures of the ocean, the resort that you would like to stay in, the activities you would like to participate in etc.
#2 Write a Desire Statement
Write out your desire statement. An example of a Desire Statement is "I will be vacationing in the Bahamas for one week on January 1-7 (year). Give yourself a dead line to achieve your goal otherwise it is just wishful dreaming.
#3 Plan of Action
Once you have identified your long termed goal and you have set the date that you expect to achieve your goal, the next step is to develop a plan of action. Your plan of action will include all of the necessary steps that it will take for you to successfully meet your goal. In Step #1, I gave the long termed goal of taking a vacation to the Bahamas. Let's say that I will take my vacation two years from today's date.
Two years from today's date gives me plenty of time to plan in advance and save enough money to cover the cost of my vacation (staying in a resort, plane ticket, activity money, meals). When you plan in advance, you get great deals on plane tickets and you also get great deals on resort prices.
#4 Get Motivated
You are going to need to stay motivated. Remember that you are working on your long termed goal and a lot of things will have happened in your life from the time that you set your goal until the time that you achieve your goal. If you do not stay motivated, you can easily be deterred and give up on achieving your goal
A great way to stay motivated about achieving your goals is to write in your notebook a list of motivational quotes and or inspirational scriptures.
#5 Review Your Notebook Daily
Every day, I want you to open up your notebook and review your goal. It is a good idea to review you goal before you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning. Make sure that you state out loud your desire statement, your motivational quotes and inspirational scriptures. You should also be sure to do something every day that will bring you closer to achieving your goals.

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