How To Attract More Of What You Want

How To Attract More of What You Want
You are a human magnet and you have within your capability the power to attract in to your life whatever you want at anytime. The way that you attract "more of what you want" is by focusing on what you want instead of focusing on "what you do not want".
There are many principles that you can master that will bring you closer to understanding the laws of how to attract more of what you want in your life. I am going to share with you three at this time. The three principles of the Law of Attracting more of what you want in your life are:
1) Bless What You Want
2) Be Grateful for What You Have and
3) Give
#1 Bless What You Want
Remember that you will get more of what you want when you give your attention to what it is that you desire. So, when you see someone who has what it is that you desire for yourself, you should bless that person and do not curse that person. You curse a person when you are jealous or when you hate on what it is that they possess.
If you practice being jealous or hating on the possessions or relationships of others, then what you are doing is repelling what you desire away from you.
When you bless people who are in possession of what it is that you want for yourself then what you are actually doing is giving your desires positive attention. When you give your desires positive attention then you will attract more of the same.
#2 Practice Gratitude
You should also practice being grateful for what you have already in your possession and for what you believe you will receive in the future. Let me ask you a question. If you were around a person who did not appreciate you, how long would you stick around that person? I can safely say that you would be more likely to keep company with someone who appreciates you and who is thankful that you are around.
Well, that is exactly how the law of attraction works. When you show sincere thanks and appreciation for what you have and for what you believe you will receive in the future you will attract more of what it is that you are sincerely thankful for.
#3 Give
This is a very important principle and it is one that should not be over looked. In order to receive you must first give. You may say that you have nothing to give but if you examine your life closely you will find that you have a lot that you can give. For example, you can give money, time, kindness, patience and understanding. You can give a hand picked flower, make a card, cook and share dinner, give clothes that you are no longer able to wear. There is something that you can give. In order to reach and receive true abundance then you must give.
When you give, make sure that you are not giving because you want to reap the rewards. When you give, give with a generous and pure heart.

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