The Habits of Focus, Discipline and Consistency can be Learned by Walking

In order to be successful you are going to need to apply successful habits. Successful habits are: 1) being able to focus 2) being disciplined and 3) being consistent.
You can actually learn and master each of these habits by walking. If you walk for one hour three times a week for one year can successfully teach yourself and master the habits of being focused, disciplined and consistent.
The Habit of Being Focused
1) Set a walking goal that is not comfortable for you. For example: Plan to walk 5 miles three times a week for a year.
2) Get a planner and on the days Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next year, pencil in the word "walking".
3) Establish a time that will be convenient for you to walk (such as 7am-8am) and then write the time underneath all of the places where you wrote the word walking.
Your focus is "Walking 5 miles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a year.
The Habit of Being Disciplined
Once you start your walking regime it will not be uncommon for you to come up against a defeatist attitude. In the beginning, you may become tired and you may even want to give up and quit. You may also find that your convenient schedule is not so convenient anymore and you may want to swap back and forth in order to fit your walking regime around your schedule instead of fitting your schedule around your walking regime.
What ever reasons that may pop up in your mind to get you to permanently sway from your focus, do not comply with them. Remember that by sticking to your schedule you are developing the habit of being disciplined.
The Habit of Being Consistent
The way that you develop a successful habit is by doing the same positive action over and over again for a period of time.
When you walk for 5 miles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the exact time for 1 year and you do not sway from your focus, you will have developed the habit of being consistent.
Positive Results
In order to be successful, you have to be able to see successful results. When you have a focus, a plan to achieve your focus, and you are disciplined in following your plan then you should be able to see positive results.
When you walk 5 miles three days every week for a year, then you should be able to see improved health and weight loss.

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