Inner Peace and Joy: Tip #10 Pay attention to your thoughts

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation: Read Proverbs 10 and apply it to your life

Pay attention to what you are giving your attention to because you will attract in your life what you give your attention to. In order to manage your stress you must know how to take charge of your thoughts. You also must pay attention to your thoughts and align your thoughts with the good that you desire


1. Start a 7 day journal of your thoughts to identify thoughts that need to be replaced

2. Pay attention to your outlook on life, is it positive or negative?

3.What are your thoughts regarding relationships,spirituality, health,food,money, work etc.?

4. Replace negative thoughts with thoughts of the good that you desire

5. Write affirmations. Affirmations are a great way to replace outdated thoughts with thoughts of the good that you desire

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