Inner Peace and Joy: Tip #9 Stay Away from Negative People

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation:the Book of Proverbs is loaded with wisdom nuggets. Read Proverbs 9 , pull out the wisdom nuggets and apply it to your life

Avoid Negative People
Have you ever noticed your state of mind after you spend your time around negative people; people who gossip all of the time or even people who never have anything good to say?

You will be drawn into a state of confusion and you will not have peace because negativity brings about a negative way of thinking. Now, on the other hand, notice the difference in your state of mind after being around loving and positive people.

When you are around loving and positive people who are doing positive things it puts you in a positive state of mind and you will have joy and peace.

Exercise: Monitor Your State of Mind

1.Keep a journal of the conversations that you have with people.
2. Note your thoughts after you engage with others
3. If you notice that your state of mind is not positive, change the people who you surround yourself with in order to reflect the positive state of mind that you desire in your life.

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