Inner Peace and Joy Tip # 60: Learn From Life's Lessons

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation Tip: The Book of Proverbs is loaded with wisdom nuggets. Read Proverbs 29, pull out the wisdom nuggets and apply them to your life.

How to Recognize Your Life's Lessons:
Imagine that you are taking a trip and while you were driving you kept seeing the same sign. What would you do? The first thing that I would do is say " I am traveling in a circle." And then I would pull over and re-evaluate my course of travel.

Your Inner Peace tip today is "Once you realize that you are going in a circle, stop and re-evaluate your course of action and then make the necessary changes."

Here is what I mean
Your Inner Peace is a mental state of being and when you are working on maintaining your Inner Peace you are going to have to recognize what triggers you to become upset. If you keep letting the same things get you upset and you never do anything about it, you are not going to be able to maintain your Inner Peace.

Learn to recognize what threatens your Inner Peace
I started paying attention to what upsets me and I noticed that these particular things get to me every time. What threatens your Inner Peace?

A Few Things that threaten my Inner Peace are:
1. Negative People
2. People who I feel are trying to take advantage of me
3. Not having enough time in a day

How to Respond Calmly to Your Triggers
When I am faced in one of my trigger situations, my natural response is to get upset. When I get upset, I like to go back and forth with people trying to make them see that my way is the right way or I may use a few choice words if you know what I mean. What I had to realize is, if I am upset then I am not living in a state of Inner Peace.

So here is what I do....

The way that I deal with these triggers is, I practice how to respond in a peaceful manner.

Here is what I mean:
1. When I am around negative people, I do not allow their comments to get the better of me. I often times remove myself from around them and if I am not able to do that then I focus on the "God" in them and not the negative points. When I focus on the good in them and not the negative then I am returned to my Inner state of Peace.

2. When I am dealing with people who I believe are trying to take advantage of me, I remove myself from their presence. If it is a family member or a close acquaintance then the way that I respond is that I give them what I can to help them but I do not allow them to continue to take from me. When I take this measure, I am back in control of my Inner state of Peace because they are not taking from me, I am giving what I want them to have.

3. When I feel rushed what I do to maintain my Inner state of Peace is, I do all that I can in the course of the day and I except that. I also make a list of all the things that I need to do in a course of a day. My to-do-list helps me to be efficient by getting the most out of the day. When I except that I did all that I can do in a course of a day, I am back to being at a state of Inner Peace

Key Point
When you are maintaining your Inner Peace, you may not always have control over your circumstances but you will always have control over how you respond to your circumstances.

Your life's lessons are going to be learning how to master your emotions. The way that you master your emotions is by learning what triggers you to respond in a negative manner and then practicing how to respond in a peaceful manner every time that you are faced in a trigger situation.

If you keep practicing, you will master your emotions!

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