Inner Peace and Joy Tip # 70: Live in the Now

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation Tip: The Book of Psalms will uplift your soul. Read Psalms chapters 36-40 for a Spirit Booster!

A key factor in working towards maintaining your Inner Peace and living your life full of Joy is going to be how well you are able to stay focused and live in the present.

Have you ever come in contact with a person who is upset with someone else and they are venting with you about the person whom they are upset with? Normally the person whom you are talking to is crying or really angry.

When I run across this particular scenario, I normally let the person who is upset vent but if they are still upset after they vent,I ask them a very important question, "Is anybody is hurting you right now?" If the person is slow to respond, I ask them to look around and see who is in the room with right now. The expected answer is that we are the only two people who are in the room right now and nobody is hurting them, or arguing with them or causing them to be upset at this exact moment.

Once I get the person to realize that it is just me and them in the room and no one is hurting them right now, the next step is to get the person to realize that they are carrying their emotional pain in their head.

To help prove my point, I say to them "I am not experiencing any emotional pain and I am in the room with you. If it were raining, we both would experience the wet feeling of the rain drops because that is external. The reason why I am not experiencing the hurt and pain that you are experiencing is because it is internal and you are carrying those feelings over from another incident. Those emotions are occurring in your head and not in this room."

The final step is to get the person to focus on what is happening in the room right now. Usually if I can get the person to grasp hold to the concept that in the present moment they are not in danger then I can get them to focus on living in the moment. At that point they will be able to experience a calm and peaceful state of being.

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