Inner Peace and Joy Tip # 63 : Control Your Environment

Inner Peace and Joy Daily Meditation Tip: The Book of Psalms will uplift your soul. Read Psalms chapters 1-5 for a Spirit Booster.

My Story
I started on my venture to maintain my Inner Peace about four months ago. The reason why I say "Maintain Inner Peace" and not "Get Inner Peace" is because I believe that it is God who gives the gift of Inner Peace but you have to be taught the skills on how to maintain your Inner Peace.

Tips for Beginners
When you are just starting out learning how to maintain your Inner Peace, you do not have all of the skills that you are going to need to be in total control of your emotions. So in the beginning stages it will be easier for you to maintain your Inner Peace by learning how to control your environment.

How To Control Your Environment
Have you ever been to an Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meeting? One of the steps that they teach their members is that when you are working on your recovery you have to get rid of the people, places and things that are working against your sobriety.

This same principle works for maintaining your Inner Peace.

  • When you are striving towards maintaining your mental state of peace you do not need to be around people who like to stir up trouble, loud mouths, gossipers or people who have bad attitudes.

  • The reason why is because your mental state of peace is going to stem from how well you are able to respond emotionally to your circumstances. If you are calm and joyful to what is going on in your life, then you are going to feel good. That "good feeling" is peace.

  • If you are in a chaotic situation and you have not learned how to focus on the positive you will respond in a negative manner. That "negative feeling" leads to emotional unrest and if you are not feeling good about your situation at that moment you are not at peace.

Until you develop the skills that you need to maintain your Inner Peace regardless of what is going on around you, make things easy for yourself and have people around you whom you naturally respond to in a positive manner.

3 Things I Do To Control My Environment
1. Just because my telephone rings does not mean that I have to answer the telephone. When I look at my caller i.d. and I see that the caller is somebody who is always gloomy, I don't answer.

2. I love people from a distance-I had to let several people in my life go because their behavior resulted in me compromising my Inner Peace. This was difficult for me because some of the people were my family members and childhood friends.

3. Remove outdated contacts- I go through my cell phone contact list regularly and I remove the names of people who have nothing positive to add to my life.

You are in control of your life and it is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure that you maintain your Inner Peace.

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